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As a close friend to both 98 year old Bill Tuman and Bobby Hill, “Grand National Champions”, better known as the original 'Indian Wrecking Crew'. Both men dominated Flat Track Racing from 1951 through '53.   


It was at the 2017 Springfield Mile 2 race, I witness a new domination of Jared Mees, Brian Smith and Brad Baker aka The New Wrecking Crew That day was the inspiration for my painting 'The Legend Continues'. As I struggled to capture the excitement of the Original Crew in the background and the New in the foreground, the idea to paint Bill and Bobby in an old tattered black & white photo helped to bridge the decades. 


In 2018 Bill Tuman was the guest of honor at that years race and thoroughly enjoyed the crowds response through cheers at a race he had won 65 years earlier. 




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